Eheim Water Pump


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I'm considering purchasing a Eheim pump( I have heard that these are good pumps), however, I 'm not sure with pump to get the model #1250 with flow rate of 320, 6.5ft max head 28 watts $95 bucks or the model #1048 with flow rate of 160, 5ft max 10 watts $70 bucks.

My tank is 75 gallons

Any info would be great!



Marquis de Carabas
I would go w/ the 1260 for a 75. THe two you listed are going to be a little weak for your system. I just ordered a 1250 for my 30 galllon. Based on your prices, you might want to check out premium aquatics, they are having a sale until thanksgiving or so. THeir price on the 1250 was lower than the one you quoted b4 I got the 10% off coupon and shipped free.


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I will check ther website Doctor Foster and smith has the 1260 for 150 but i believe my sump is too small for the pump


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How big is your sump? What are you running in it, refugium, chaeto, skimmer(brand, model)? How is your overflow(herbie, derso, dual, linear size, teeth) situated and what are the dimensions of your tank?