Elasmobranch abrasion


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I've had two adult cortez rays in captive care here at work for the last two years in a 4'x5'x22" aquarium. A new angel fish I've aquired scared the hell out of one of them two days ago, and the fish abraised his disc on a rock.

The slime coat seems to have come back, but the abbraision is about a centimeter wide and approximately 8cm long. The two rays have been burrowing in the sand hiding, (change in behavior) for the past two days. They still feed regularly, which is the only time they appear to be active.

Are there any topical analgesic that can be used to expedite the fish's recovery? (ie myracin, tetracycline, etc.)

Thanks reef geeks!


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I would just make a large water change using well aged and aerated saltwater. Don't stress the shark by handling it unless the wound is getting worse. With good clean water wounds will often heal without medicines.

Terry B