elephant ear mushroom


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I think I made the mistake of putting my elephant ear mushroom too high in my 120 tank. Metal Halide 175W 14000k bulbs..He looked awesome for a long time but now it looks like he's burned out from too much light. I have since put him closer to the bottom of the tank but I was wondering if he will come back or how can I speed up the healing process?? Any help?? Thanks

Roy G. Biv

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I have one, it is very tough. Mine is in the lower 1/3 of the tank with 250W 10k above it. Dont try to force the healing, just move it lower and let it be. Do you have a pic of it?


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If he was doing good at the top of the tank for a long time, and it is now having issues. I would be looking at your lighting. How old are the bulbs? I tend to change my MH every 8 months, to ensure that the corals look their best and don't start to stress.