Elos 70 / Arizona Sunset BTAs FS


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7+ AZ Sunset BTAs - 150ea
Unsure of how many are in the basket but will confirm.
Fr Justin Plante on “other site” several years back. These have been hanging out in a basket on the side of the tank. Probably need a ton more light to color up but it’s there even still.

Elos 70 - 350
Has scratches that are visible with water - There’s a few algae magnet with sand type scratches, and several smaller ones. Most noticeable with algae build up. I’ve seen worse. Seals are intact, no leaks.
Stand has seen better days but functional..Could be a quick DIY clean up project. DIY 20L sump. Functional, no frills.
Some base live rock - A few JB may still be stuck to it.
Eheim return (1250 or 1260?)
Whatever other small things are being used to run the tank
Sand, if you want it

Reef Octopus SSS-1000 - 80
Tunze 3155 ATO - 120

No idea what prices are like these days so feel free to PM if something is way off and I’ll update. Strong preference toward a bulk deal / purchases with multiple items. Buy it all for ___?
This tank was a JB/BTA garage breeding tank. No tire kickers, if we meet up, please be prepared to buy. Thanks.


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