Elos Ca and KH test kits?


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Are these reliable test kits?
Normally I've been dosing alk and Ca every morning in the tank.

I decided to get out the test kits to check what the levels were at since I hadn't done it in a while.

So here are three days worth of testing:

Ca: 450 - dKh: 10
Ca: 440 - dKh: 9
Ca: 435 dKh: 9

Calcium drops a little bit but the alk doesn't do much. I was doing 1 milk cap full of alk and 2 milk caps of Ca daily on randy's two part.

The test kits aren't that old. They date 2010 on them. Maybe my tank just doesn't use it that often where I don't need to dose daily, but I have been dosing daily for weeks/months like that with no problems. Just seems odd because if the elos are accurate test kits it tells me those readings where I wouldn't have to dose but every other day or third day and I've been doing it daily for a long time.

For the above readings I haven't dosed any more to the tank since I wanted the numbers to come down a bit. So it has gone from daily dosing to none in three days. :confused:


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Take the 3 add em up and divide by 3.

That's an acceptable number, unless you're WAY off, like 400, 470, 600. Then it's time to get a new test kit.

Yes, the Elos tests are of high quality and accurate.


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I guess I don't understand how I could've been dosing every day then. Obviously don't need to. I dosed 1 milk cap of alk today and 2 of Ca solution so I'll test again tonight and again tomorrow around the same times to check.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=15425860#post15425860 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by t5Nitro
I guess I don't understand how I could've been dosing every day then. Obviously don't need to.

Usually that's the case. I think "most" with larger tanks than mine would dose 1x a week. For instance I'm using Brightwell A&B, says to dose once a week. Often I can go 1.5-2 weeks without dosing, but then again I don't have very many corals. Just a few frags - testing the water quality.