Elos Quiet Drain experience

Alma Knack

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If you have an Elos tank with the Quiet drain system please share your thoughts on its noise, safety, and overall performance. I currently use a Herbie overflow system with an ecotech vectra pump. Unfortunately, the vectra is occasionally inconsistent in its output, yet the Herbie system is able to handle the variable output while maintaining a silent operation without having to constantly adjust the valve. I am worried the Elos quiet drain will need to be adjusted frequently and not be silent and overall as "œhands off"œ as a Herbie or Bean animal system. The new tank will be in my family room and will need to be absolutely quiet like my Herbie system. I am thinking a bean animal overflow will be best, but I like the Elos overflow small footprint in their peninsula tank and therefore I would like to hear from those who have an Elos. Thank you in advance!


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Although I cannot comment on the new quite drain, I did run an ELOS 120 for 10 years in my living room which was dead quiet. This was a previous generation of overflow. I can’t imagine the would make it louder. I currently have a 160 XL awaiting shipment from Italy with the new drain. I expect it to be just as good.


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I have an older elos 70 with quite drain,and it's in my living room, I don't notice it so it's pretty quite.

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