Emerald + Clam?

Dr. Beer

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Grr I ordered a clam for arrival on Tuesday. So here I am pulling out all my "herbivorous" hermits etc. to ensure they don't munch on my clam. I get ready to pull the emerald and... I can't find him. Sure enough, after much searching, he is wayyy inside a rock structure peering out at me. After being pinched many times I give up. I can't reach in far enough to get a hold and he won't keep a grip on my finger long enough to pull him out. His carapace is about 1cm across, with legs and all he's probably almost 3cm. Should I be worried about him munching on my clam? What about any of my tiny hermits that I might have missed (though I don't think I did...).
I am very leery of having a clam with crabs around it. I don't trust crabs at all. :hmm3:
:) Received this guy from LiveAquaria.com Their sizing is strange to say the least. Small is large & large is small. I got the biggest emerald crab I've ever seen from them and a microscopic Lettuce nudibranch.