Emerald crab attacks Todd's Torch


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Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. I saw one of my emeralds up near the Todd's Torch last night right before lights out. I thought, hey, look at this guy out in the open.

He reached right up and HONK ripped out like 3 tentacles from my Todd's Torch!!!! and shoved them in his mouth.

I did not realize they were capeable of such and act. Anyone ever hear of them taking out corals???


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I never would have expected that either but I guess at least you won't have to wonder for months who's damaging the Torch since the little numskull did it right in front of ya! That emerald in the sump yet? I've never heard of them specifically eating lps before but have heard reports of them messing w/ corals as they grow bigger... I've been tempted to add one many times but that always holds me back.


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I didn't even realize I had any left in there. They do an amazing job on the rocks. I was stunned. It didn't do any major damage, but I wonder how much he would have chowed-down if I hadn't been standing right there.

It took me a little while to fall asleep last night, and I was very nervous to look in the tank this am. Everything was copasetic though.

I couldn't catch him, though I tried. It was a bit like trying to catch a crack head after he steals your car radio. Good Luck, He's gone!


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:) Yes, they are. I had an emeald that was found of elkhorn monitora munch, munch and out of the tank.

Cap'n you are lucky. Ripping like that can open the coral up for a protozoan infection( aka brown jelly). You need to get the emerald out.


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well capt looks like it will be easier to catch the torch than it will be the crab. lol When you get the torch out I will do you a favor and take it. lol just kidding. Good luck getting him out......


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Use a shishkabob skewer and stab him out quick and easy and it will be gratifying to you psyche too!


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>Cap'n you are lucky. Ripping like that can open the coral up for a protozoan infection( aka brown jelly)....

how demoralizing it would be to watch a crab kill an amazing torch... especially an emerald crab.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=12891722#post12891722 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by tuckrule
stick a toilet seat in there. Thats how I caught mine.

How does that work???????


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Take a small plastic container with a lid. Put lid on container with a hole cut in it that is about the size of a 50 cent piece. put rock in the container so it is sure to sink, then place some krill or other food (that won't float out of the open hole. Place container near your rockwork so that the crab can climb from the rock onto the top of the container and climb into the hole you cut in the lid of the container. The crab won't be able to climb back out once it falls into the container. It may take a while to catch him, but this works out well for me when any nuisance crabs are on the prowl. I had an emerald start eating an elegance years ago, I caught him right away and banished him to the refugium.


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I have an Emerald crab (who is appropriately named "Dr. Snippers"..) who has grown fond of my Anthelia Clove. I've seen him crawl up there and just 'perch' on the rock. I swear the little sucker waits for me to look away and then all of the sudden he's scurrying away with coral in his claws.

I've debated on bringing him back to the LFS... He is in the 5 gallon nano so no sump torture for him...