Emergency! Return Pump Quit


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My return pump quit sometime in the middle of the night. I had Dan ordering me one I was supposed to pick up in the last 2 days but my wife got sick and I couldn't get out there.

If anyone knows how to get ahold of Dan besides email can someone have him call me so I can go get a pump asap.

I left him a voicemail and sent an email but he doesn't always check them when he's at home.

Dan, If you see this call me, My number is on your voicemail and email!

I stuck a spare heater in the tank and my SEIO is circulating water but I have no flow through my Sump/Fuge and no skimmer running.

Going to get dressed and head to O.P. in the hopes he gets this message.

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Did the motor burn out? You can clean the pump with vinegar.

Thanks, That's the first thing I thought of. This pump was my suspect for stray voltage in the tank recently because the wires were exposed outside the casing. I took it out to try and clean it (Even though it was recently cleaned) and one of the wires is broken in two. I added a grounding probe a while back due to this and now I am 100% sure this is where the voltage was coming from. I am not even going to try and fix the wire because this was an old model RIO 2100. The ones that meltdown and fill tanks with oil and kill everything.

I did get ahold of Rob from Rob's reef on his cell phone. He won't be around his shop much sooner than anyone else will be today but I think I am ok till then with the m820 SEIO and a heater in the tank.

Rob was kind enough to talk to me for a few and make recommendations on what I should get. For that reason alone I will most likely buy the pump from him anyway. It's nice when LFS owners publish contact numbers that they can be reached at before/after hours.
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ReefNeck, about the RIO's. I just put in a RIO + 2500. Am I gonna have a melt down with this model? Thanks.

No, The "+" series fixed that.

Mine was the older model before the "+" series.
The RIOs still are not very good pumps but the "+" series won't meltdown and kill your tank at least. If you can, Upgrade to a Mag 7 or a Quiet One 3000. Those are on my short list to get today.
michaelm I have used rios and mags for 6 yrs in the reef hobby and many more years for freshwater and amphibian/reptile tanks. I never had an issue with a rio.

Kerri the seio in your tank will be fine until you get your replacement sump pump. Not skimming a few days will be ok
I picked up a Quiet One 3000! I was warned it "may" over power my hang on overflow box and it's real close but it's not too much. Seems to hae been the perfect choice.

System is back up and running great now.
Just an FYI, I spoke to Dan today and it seems that I caught him on his Sunday off. (He alternates with Ian). Had it not been for that he would have gotten my voicemail early and opened up to get me a pump.

Anyway, Thanks Dan for telling me what happend and why I couldn't get you that morning. I was freaked out about not having a return pump working.

It's really a blessing to the Jacksonville area that we have so many LFS's out there willing to help us even during Non Business hours.

I don't think I'd want to test that at 2AM though. lol