emrald crabs eating SPS


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Anyone every see emarld crabs eat Acros ? Im finding places broke off of acros, NOT AEFW..... and i got a flash light out and Bada Bing 3 Sitting in a coral (Munching)...... Sp They are coming out just wondered if anyone else has had that problem ??


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Don't know if they actually eat them or not but I had a emerald that would [violation] with my sps and made them look like crap so I had to get rid of it
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mine did it for the first couple of days, now they just eats whatever they find on the rocks, i havent seen it bother my corals anymore...



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When I had some emeralds I also caught them at night on some SPS not sure if they were eating it or "cleaning" it but I took them out regardless.

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I've had that problem... DANG crabs! Only after lights were out and not ALL the time, just sporadically. Still, it was enough to cause a bit of damage but in the end all is well. Everything grew back just fine and the crab is gone!


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Mine went after a blue acro last night. crawled all over it. I found the mini colony upside down in the sand bed.

My crab totally cleaned my tank of red hair algae, but he won't touch the green stuff, which there is plenty of. Go figure.


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I caught mine on an SPS last night but didn't seem to be doing any damage. He did bulldoze my tri-color acro frag, though. Had to rescue it this a.m.

Mine is staying for now until I can find something it did wrong...


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I've had it happen. I started to notice areas that were kind of shaved off. It kept happening, until I removed the 2 mythrix crabs. Then the corals recovered.


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Mine used to perch in my acros and on montis, and appeared to be eating polyps. Same thing with some hermits.