Engineer Goby.


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Anyone have one?? I dig um. I got one in my tank, he hides all the time but has the best personality of all my fish. So ya got one how bout pics?


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I have one that is about 8-10" long.Great fish,but very shy.The only time he gets bold,is when I put some nori in the tank,then he will swim right up to the tangs to grab it.It seems,he prefers nori,over regular food.I will try to grab a pic of him,but have never managed to,as of yet.


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Ive had one for ages, he went from a couple inches to over 8. Mine isnt too shy he will swim around the rock pile where his burrow is a few times then go back and forth...


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I have 3 babies in my tank...
Rogger has an adult in his 75g tank that messed up the
aquascape.....with these diggers if you are going to keep one,
make sure your rock foundation is secured. With all thier digging they could cause a collapse.