Enough Light?


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I have a 54 gallon corner tank that has been cycling for the last two weeks. Lighting on this tank is very diffucult to accomplish, the style of the tank alone is wierd. However my last tank was a 20 G normal, and I had a dual bulb 24 inch orbiter satelite,130 watts.
My corals were doing great,(green star polyps, toadstool leather, assorted zoos, blue mushrooms) but the ratio of gallon per watt for my 20 is unbelievably higher than the ratio of light to my 54. I would really rather keep this light and get the sunpaq quad 18 inch 96 watt fixture. However i feel it is not necessary. if i have to I will buy it but if I dont that would be great. My friend is having great results with low watt per gallon ratio, but i dont want to put my corals at risk.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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As long as your corals are at a similar depth and distance from the lighting, IMO they will be fine. Imagine if you will adding 2 tanks to your old tank. One in back and one in front and then removing the seperating panels. Suddenly you would have a tank three times as wide and roughly 60 gallons worth of water. The corals though are still in the same spot and will do fine. No adding stuff to the new space might be a problem since there is not enough light. So the key is to get the corals in a setup that they will be in a similar amount of light. :)