enough light?


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I have 96 watts of PC over my established 10 gallon. Would this be enough light to keep a maxima or any other clam?

Also, I really miss the actinic quality I used to get with my regular NO URI bulbs so I am thinking of upgrading to VHO but everything says go to Metal Halide.

I could do 2 - 75 watt VHO over my 10 gallon or do 3 - 75 watt VHO. Dont you think that would be enough light for anything and I would get super actinic quality? Your thoughts are appreciated.



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I'd say no for maxima and crocea. You would be fine for a squamosa, but it would outgrow your tank.

I have personally seen maximas starving under 64 and 96 watts of PC in nano tanks (my stupid LFS nano show tanks).

If I were you I'd trade that PC fixture for a 175 or 250 watt MH pendant if you want maximas. I had 2X55s over my 15. I traded for a 175 MH just so I could get a maxima. My corals, clams (and myself!) couldn't be happier that I did. Heat is also less of an issue for me now too.