enough lighting??


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2 175 mh with 5500k blubs, 65 watt pc 50/50, and 30 watt 36'' flor...

this is all in my 65 gal 36x18x24... he's sitting on the bottom of the tank of a piece of LR. it's a t. crocea and seems like he's doing quite fine...

any suggestions would be great

Sounds fine! I have a dual 400W over my 65 gal. My DSB is about 6 inches. I place my crocea about mid-way in the tank under 10K MH. Good luck with your clam. Post some pictures to share with us.
here's a picture of the tank at night.... it's kinda dirty right now but hey... it's happens...the tank is onli like 7 months old so any suggestions will be fine...