Enought VHO light for a clam???


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Hey gang-

Let me know if I have enough VHO light for the various clam species?

I have a 30g reef with 3 X 95w VHO bulbs = 285w.

The clams would be about 16" from the lights, considering the dsb and the canopy height.

I know I should be able to keep a squamosa, but what about the other varieties??? I've herad of people who have successfully kept maximas under VHOs.

Anyone have experience with this?


i had a 29g with 3 95w vhos and 1 30w NO and kept 3 maximas about 8 inches below the water level- about 10in. below the lamps.
Id say enough for squamosas and deresas, maybe some duller maximas... probably not any croceas
Squamosa is your best bet, then Derasa, then Gold Maxima. I would not keep a blue-mantled clam long-term under VHO, but some of the Squamosas in particular are very beautiful.

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Thanks guys-

Palmetto, awesome squamosa. I'd love to hear more about your business and how you got started!

Nofilter, how long did you keep the maximas in those conditions? Did they grow?


i had the maximas for about 3 years, and they grew from about 1.5 in. to 3 in. they eventually succumbed to poor maintenance of water quality due to lack of time.

one was gold, one was green, and one was purple. but like the others, i'd start out with a squamosa or derasa. i think the derasas are hardier, but the squamosas are prettier.

at any rate, i'd stay in the $20 range.

by the way, jim norris found a maxima that had fallen behind his rocks and had been there about a year that survived without receiving light, but he feeds DTs alot. he's talking about low light experiments...