envisions cube tank for sale and more


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hey i am posting my stuff for sale again as i cant find the old thread, with reduced prices this time too.

a custom 33 gallon envision tank meaning acrylic , eurobraced top, half inch all the way around, drilled reef ready, a 4 foot stand with sump drilled, and a fuge as well. both 10 gallon tanks. the fuge has a 50/50 pc 65w 10k coralife on it, a mag 3.5 return, stealth heater loc line. im asking $200 for the setup. dims of the tank are 24 long (viewing display) 18 front to back and 24 top to bottom.

here is the plumbing that will be included



the skimmer is for sale its a reef octopus 150, great skimmer, asking $75 for it

the light is a luminmax mini DE asking $75 for it.

again this is to offset my school fees, so no reasonable offer will be ignored.


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its a luminmax mini, the name speaks for itself, the bulb is a phoenix 20k its about 3 months old, no ballast but the ballast can be found for about 100$ used. oh and the bulb is a 250Watt. i can work on a price for everything if you are interested.


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I remember the build thread on this. What color is the wood? This may just be the thing that I need to connect two tanks to one sump. Is it acrylic, and any scratches?