Equipment for a 72 x 30 x 30 ?


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Need rec for skimmer lights and will like to run a powedrhead free enviioroment with ocean motions at bottom and sea swirls at top?/

please any comments will help a lot


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Wow, this is my dream tank setup, any quotes on who can make a tank with these dimensions. Anyway, I've quietly been researching equipment for this dream tank.

Skimmer: SWC xtreme 300 ( bioload rating:heavy bl,365 gallons, med bl 475 gallons, light bioload 690 gallons for right under 500 dollars)

Lights: probably an ATI 8 bulb t5 fixture, no halides because do not wish to run chiller, led's too expensive and too risky in my opinion, saw a 300 g reef with 3 ecoxotic 100w cannons and tank was breathtaking, resembled the ocean like no other, unfortunately, wife prefers full tank lighting on our current t5 120 gallon

I would do two mp60's Simply because Ill be worried about three holes being drilled in my tank for drain and returns, would not be able to sleep at night knowing tank has been drilled all over for oceans motion closed loop.

Side not, it looks more and more that I will be settling for an aqueon 210 gallon as my next display.
Aqueon 210gallon 72x24x29---$640
Custom 280 gallon 72x36x25--$2170
Custom 300 gallon 72x30x30--$2780


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+1 on holes through out the bottom of the tank, to much of a chance of a leak
I just got 72x30x24 left and right weir each 2 drains 1 return in each
Vertex Illimuna 200 sr1500
Super reef octopus 5000ext fed by ehiem 1260
2 x tunze 6205's
korralin CA reactor
reef octopus blaster 7000lph return
debarry UVC 25watt
teco TC20
2 tlf 1 for gfo and 1 gac

Planned upgrades
cerebra controllor
libra pro dosing pumps


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:wave: 72x30x28 here

I have two skimmers that I'm testing out but waiting for the bioload to build up before I post findings - ATB 10.5 Deluxe and Bubble King Super Marin 200

Lighting is DIY 24 XPG CW and 24 XPE RB Cree Leds. Gets me as much PAR as a 250W Phoenix without lenses so far.

Eheim 1262 return pump
2x MP40W ES on the back of the tank
2x 6055 on the overflows with a single controller
75G tank as a sump/refugium
300W heater
PM 4" Calcium reactor

Closed loops are great but I wanted as little heat transferred into the tanks as possibile to avoid turning on my 1HP chiller as I keep the house at 78 during the day. Highest it has gotten in the last month is 78.1 on the ACIII so crossing my fingers.


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Anyone mind sharing them prices for them tanks. All very good dimensions
So far a lot, but being my last upgrade no more room buying the best of everything i can afford and find, now to start saving and working hard again for the fish and coral list looking at least half the cost of the tank in stock and so far at about 12k on tank