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Tank,Stand, Sump package $250 includes
40 breeder tank with external overflow
Custom built stand with 7" granite ledge
40 breeder sump with 10 gal frag tank
Top off unit
PanWorld 50PX return pump

80lbs of live rock $100 for it all
two of the rock are large and are display pieces the rest are small about 10 pieces

three 100w submersible heaters $10 for all three

Reef Keeper Elite Controller $250 includes
SL1 module
Moon light module
Ph probe
Tem probe
two moon light pods
four PC4's
all necessary cables, everything retails for $700

eight bulb 36" T5 light retrofit $200
unit comes with 16 extra bulbs, thats a total of 24 bulbs
all 16 extra bulbs were only used for two months


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I've seen this setup in person, it is really nice. Well worth the price, this will make a great deal for some.


jake koppen

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How did you cut the back glass for the external overflow like that? Did you cut 2 slits? How?
Don't mean to hijack, but I'd like to do the same on my new tank


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The only things left is the tank package that I am selling for $250

24" T5, four bulb light fixture, comes with 4 bulbs + 2 extra bulbs. $45

nothing else previously listed is available.

Jake I used a tile cutting bit with a dremmel. You can't make the two down first, just score these cuts at the top with the bit about. 25", then you start from the middle of the cross cut and cut out then up to the .25" score. I left about 2" of glass uncut in the middle of the cross cut to support the glass you are cutting out, after you finish going out then up on both sides finish the cross (2") cut. Don't try to free hand this, set up some kind of jig or bracing and round your corners a little. Also I would be a little hesitant about doing this on taller tanks because of the added pressure put on the corners.
You could save yourself some trouble and buy this setup.


Just giving props to Don Don. The stand itself is well worth his asking price. Its one of the most well built custom stands I have seen.

jake koppen

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Thanks for the info. I have a 112 that I'm going to do a.shallow internal / large external weir design. That type of cut would help to remove the internal weir part.


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Has anyone bought that awesome tank setup yet?

I went out to look at it last week and was so impressed I gave him some cash on the spot. Truly impressive building in all areas. Stand, sump, overflow, plumbing, Don did a great job. On my way to pick it up today.


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Great setup, If my wife wouldn't kill me I would have bought it while I was there. Grats ob JDK for a great purchase.