Equipment shelf ideas


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Hi all. I'm wondering if anybody has any brilliant ideas for an equipment shelf.

Basically, what I'd like to do is mount all of my electrical to a plywood shelf and then float/mount it somewhere over my sump. Doesn't need to be pretty. I figure I can just pick up some shelving brackets and mount it that way, but wondered if there were any slick ideas here. Something that could be easily removed or slid out.


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Do it in stainless or plastic or it will rust. You could use some drawer slides but I am not sure they are stainless.


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This is how I did mine, granted my tank is in wall and behind it is my fish room.



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I built a cabinet and housed all of my electronics away from the water, between the display tank and the sump area.


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Yeah, these are all good idea but I don't have this kind of room. Looking for just a shelf inside the stand, not a full on bookcase.


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Nice and simple- it's not fancy but it's functional. I used L-brackets to attach the shelf. The front piece that the DJ strip is housed in is attached with friction catches. I can feed all my wires into the box from the back and then pull out the DJ strip to plug/unplug something.

I keep my top off water container in the space I left on the stand floor.