Equipments check for a beginner?


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I just got back into this hobby after leaving it for 8 years. I was in the middle east where i had 20 gallons, and very limited supplies, and resources, and now im in the US where i have unlimited resources, and supplies.

I bought a marine x60.2 comes with a sump. this is my tank.

I just want you guys to determine if the equipment i picked is good to get started, like i mentioned im completely a beginner.

1-Light AI prime is that light enough for sps corals?


The thing i love water box is they have the rock specially made for a specific tank size with different shapes


4-Skimmer Im not sure if it's enough or not.

5- wave maker Im not positively sure if thats the wave maker i want or if its too powerful.

6-return pump I need a recommendation i heard the one that comes with it, not really good in terms of sound, and performance.

What else do i need to get this going? What else people put in their sump? what kind of media etc? thank you.


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All looks good. You need a heater. Filter socks require frequent changing and deep cleaning to be effective. If you don't want to hate it, I would suggest filter cups and floss (that you just discard) or mesh socks which don't grab as much and are easier to clean. I assume you will start with less demanding corals, in which case the AI prime is a great choice, however if SPS is the ultimate goal here is a video that might be helpful:



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Some basics you may already have- as good a refractometer as you can afford, either analog of digital; lengths of siphon tubes (inch or two diameter, flex pvc cut to size can work well, big enough to drain the tank as needed) for water changes; 5-gallon buckets (one sterile for water changes, one for tank clean-up). A really good RODI unit- I like SpectraPure. I'm a huge fan of Eheim pumps, and the skimmer you listed appears to retail at $400; I'd advise looking around at other retailer websites to see if there's a better deal. A water reservoir for water changes, having maybe 25 gallons or so of RODI always on hand.

A Magfloat (or the like) for algae scraping, and a long and sturdy fishnet- very handy for a lot of things in a tank aside from fish.