Eradicating Flat Worms


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Eradicating Flat Worms Episode 1 :

These videos are a little old, and I am not quite sure why I didn't share these on here a while ago. Alas, enjoy.

As it almost always starts, I am very confident I picked up flat worms on a frag from a local reefer. Even after dipping the frag 3 times and closely examining, I am guessing the eggs remained. I first started noticing my alkalinity consumption from the corals dropping, and eventually had an alk spike. Good thing I caught it in time before any real damage happened. Then I noticed the tell tale sign of small bite marks, and then noticed a few on the glass. Shortly after, I noticed discoloration on the underside of a coral as you can see here. Here is one of the little f@&%*!s now. I have personally seen first hand of what these parasitic bastards can do to a reef tank in a few months. They eat the coral tissue, and lay eggs around the base of the skeleton so predators have a hard time finding them. And when the eggs hatch they immediately have something to eat.

After confirming I had flatworms, I put an order in with my friends over at premium aquatics and picked up a bottle of KZ Flatworm Stop. Ive heard mostly positive results with using Flatworm Stop so I decided to give it a shot. Ive heard people use wormwood, purge, flat worm exit with different results, some actually nuking their tank, so thats what made my decision to use KZ. Dosing is fairly easy. Currently I use a syringe that comes with the Salifert test kits. After using their kist for so many years I have saved a ton of them. I may add a doser to this in the future, it depends on how much of a pain its going to be to manually dose it every day. The directions say to dose 1ml per 25 gallons a day. I am going to start with 1.5ml per day. Once 1.5ml is collected from the bottle, I empty the syringe in the closest overflow to the main pump.

It seems like most of the people who record their data on forums, youtube etc, never really include a final follow up post or video. Its like they either fail and give up, or rid their tank of flatworms and forget to inform people of how it went.

This is my journey...