Eshopps Siphon overflow box


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sorry I can't answer your question but you get a free bump.

I have the Eshopps PF-800. My tank is still cycling so I don't have it on-line yet. I did some research on it and from what I've read they are reliable. I have not read anything negative about them. The only thing people have told me was get a RR tank...more easier said than done

I believe the CPR is close to double the price?


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From what I have read the CPR requires an external pump to maintain the siphon and is prone to problems. The Eshopps have been recommended in other threads.


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I have been using multiple eshopps for years and never once has one failed. I have lost power multiple times and never once has one failed to restart automatically.


thanks, someone should definitely make an faq on what overflow boxes are safe, and which aren't, i might go with an eshopps, but im currently bidding on a cpr