Euphylia vs Euphylia?


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Will two Euphylia species hurt eachother?

I have a neon green branching anchor touching a blue anchor that is touching a neon green frogspawn that is touching another reddish frogspawn . I just moved it like that, and i want to know if i need to go move them again

any info would be great


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my frogspawn killed my torch.. but my two froggies touch and they also touch my hammer.. weird how it killed a torch but not the hammer.. better just to not have them touch so you dont worry about it, or if they are not expanding well or seem irritated just move em..


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My frogspawn touches my torch. I know people in my club have frogspawns touching frogspawns and hammers touching hammers. It sems to be hit or miss for some reason. Not sure why but maybe one of the higher ups can touch on this better for us?