Euphyllia - for sale


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We're parting with our most of our Euphyllia collection. The raccoon was eating it, so we moved it into our 20 gallon several weeks ago. But we'd like to have fish in there and just can't with that much stinging coral. So, we're moving the rics in there and cleaning house. Both of these corals are very hardy and have been in our tank for at least a year.

$75 Branching Frogspawn - huge yellow/green- nearly 20 heads if not more
$15 Hammer Coral - 6 heads (clear color)

In other news, Jimi jumped out of the back of the tank last week. We thought it was secure, but it obviously wasn't.



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I'm sorry to hear about Jimi... that is sad. He was so colorful. .... perhaps he took the words, "Excuse me while I kiss the sky" too literal.


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Oh God,
I am sorry to hear that especially since I don't have a cover for my tank that my Mandarin is in. Should I worry too?


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I'd put eggcrate or something on it. We had a cover but it wasn't perfectly sealed. There were some holes of no more than a few inches and she must have jumped through one of them.