ever see blue pocillipora?


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Picked up a nice baseball size piece of blue pocillipora this weekend. I'd never seen anything like it before. Mostly a green base with long blue polyps. Still trying to get a good picture, new little camera isn't great with the close up shots.
Has anyone seen these before?


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I've seen a "purple", which I guess is what you have. Sometimes the colors are shades of something.


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I've got a purpley/blue one:


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Mine is lighter blue than SDguy's. Was under MH/T5s, under VHO now. Really cool to find something you didn't know about!


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i have a blue tipped stylo (i think thats what it is anyway) im hoping the rest of it will blue out too, seems to be growth tips right now.


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NO that is baby blue pocillipora. it is the only one that i have ever seen also at night with all the lights off it is pink go fig.
here is my green Bnest

I am selling frags to :D


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Yea me either, not even close. Looks to me like stylo kinda as well but its not the regular stylo you see all the time, the branching is much smaller. Whatever it is, Its not pocillopora damicornis, the pics arent even a near match, the structure is totally different.

I Love it whatever it is! (frags for sale of this too?) LOL