everything for sale... south jersey... zip 08016


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ASM g2 Skimmer with Sedra 3500 but needs a new impeller $160 (impeller can be bought for $30 from premium aquatics)

40 gallon tank and stand $100 some scratches on back glass… all glass with black trim and stand

Halide setup(bulbs, ballasts and 2 DIY pendants) $350… 2x250watt cooltouchlighting magnetic ballast and 2 brand new 10k EVC, 1 10mth old 20k xm bulb, 1 brand new 14k EVC and 1 5mth old 14k EVC bulb.

Stoney Reef Kalk reactor with pump and float switch $150

VHO 2x 95 watt 50/50 URI bulbs kit with 2bulbs $65(this ballast can run 2x110w bulbs as well)... bulbs were used for about 5-6mths

Reef fanatic PH monitor and temp readout… needs temp and ph probes $30

Mag 9.5 Pump $40 1.5 years old

100 gal Stock tank $70

50 gal Stock tank with a hole drilled for overflow/bulkhead $45

1 Seio 820 2 Seio 620 pumps $80 for all three (no attachments or suction cups)

Dual chamber calc reactor $100… never been used(bought from Stoney Reef and never set it up… has no instructions so you are gonna have to know how to run this)

3 DJ power strips $65 for all three

Salinity refractometer $25

Hang on tank refugiums $30 each

Shipping supplies… assorted bags and kordon breather bags bought from kens fish supply for $100… will sell for $50.. also have two insulated boxes

Live rock $250… don’t know how much yet

No corals or fish... all gone


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MODS ... please delete.... I can't sell this stuff

Don't know what I was thinking

I'm just gonna store evrything till I get back in the hobby


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John, if you change your mind again, I'd be interested in the Mag 9.5.. I also live in Burlington


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Im interested in the 50g w/overflow.Please advise on dimensions of thank,placement of bulkhead and condition.Thank you