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Team RC
I posted a thread earlier explaining my decision to sell off my tank, equipment and contents.


I've compiled a list of equipment and livestock for your browsing pleasure. There's probably more then what I'm posting and I haven't posted my RODI...yet. I might keep it for other uses, I might not. My preference would be to sell to one person, I'll be grateful if I do but I've been on the boards long enough to know that more than likely won't happen and I'll probably make more parting out but I will give priority to a single buyer before to individual sales. If I do part out, I'll be perfectly transparent. I've been on the forums a long time and know many people whom I trust. They'll get priority over people who joined up yesterday and have two posts or someone who I don't know. I live in Palmdale. That's in California. It's actually in LA County and is a city that has street lights, shopping, banks/ATM's and places to go like Costco, Trader Joe's, The Habit, two In n Outs and sushi bars. It's 95-100 miles from OC give or take but we do have a freeway. So, before I get posts like "to bad your so far, glws" please don't. I'm not delivering but people that know me know I'm generous and fair so any inconvenience you may endure will most certainly be taken into consideration when final prices are negotiated.

Here's what I know of to list:
Equipment- there are two 24" cubes, two stands and two sumps. My goal was to move my 60 cube onto a different and beautiful stand with a custom sump and the move the 50 cube on the stand I have my 60 on now with its basic sump and use it as a qt because the 50g has moderate scratches.

A) 60g cube, stand with 2 DJ strips. I purchased this from Mike /sexycorals, it was a floor display. Has a 2 chamber sump, very basic. Has a couple small scratches, never bothered me with...
B) custom top made by Artfully Acrylic. I was one of their first customers and have been partially responsible for many of their tops being out here because of my singing their praises....$250
C) 8 bulb dimmable sunpower with new bulbs 6b+ 1c+ 1 p+, 2 reefbrites one tech and one xho blue mounted on unit both Reefbrite have inline dimmers. The t5 bulbs are recently changed over a period of time from mid march to a week ago. One bulb reflector is dented....$600
D) a two bulb t5 fixture I used once a year to burn in new bulbs before installation in the main fixture....$20
E)Custom Orphek led strip, sky blue royal blue and uv mixed, also lightly used.....$100
F) 24" SB Reefs actinic LED light bar with tank mount. Expands to 36". Used a couple days.....$75
G)1/10th hp chiller with pump....$200
H)5g ato with Tunze 3155. Will break up if need be. ATO lid door is not attached. It was broken off when I bought it used....$100
I)ARID Reactor N18 comes with BNIB newer light tube unit with Pax Bellum quick disconnects that needs to be installed and SICCE pump....$350
J) Ebo Jaeger Heater, I think 300 watts but not certain....$15
K) AquaMaxx ConeS CO1 skimmer. One of the legs broke off during shipping. They shipped me a new base that'll be included but I glued the leg back on and never switched it....$145
L) Jebao dc6500 return pump, my original Vectra M1 went bad while under warranty and I bought it to use something while I was waiting for the new vectra to arrive and never switched once the vectra did arrive....$35
M) Vectra m1 brand new, read above....$250
N) Gyre 150 with upgraded paddles, definitely well used...$40
O) Tunze 6095, wide flow, about a year old...$150
P) Mp10qd...$135
Q) New bucket tropic Marin pro reef salt 7.5 cups total used....$80
R) Scrapers, flipper and another 12-18 inch handheld with some new blades...$15
S) Aquamedic fish trap....$65
T) Acclimation box made by Elite Aquatics, 12x6x6....$45
U) Water change 5g wide mouth jug with heater and circulation pump plus 6 additional 5g Spparkletts type bottles with handles and lids and three of the white 5g plastic bottles....$50
V) 50g cadlights tank, all plumbing and screen top from Mike/ the grunge with
Mike's custom stand he used for the Cadlights and with custom sump, dosing containers and ATO chamber built in plus a dual BRS reactor . Stand has been modified for my 60 cube and has dual fans and an upper shelf that keeps electric separate from the main area of stand and free from moisture. This is a gorgeous piece of furniture. Anybody who knows Mike knows he is an awesome craftsman. I bought this from him several years ago when he set up his most recent masterpiece. I was going to restain it to a red mahogany so it's been sanded in preparation for the stain and doors and hinges are off. This has been garaged and elevated on a furniture dolly since the day I brought it home...$325
W) Test kits, Salifert and Hanna...$50 for all or will establish prices if broken up
X) Ghl doser 4 ports....$175
Y) Bubble Magus Doser, two ports work, third needs a new motor but two extra heads come with it and the mother board was replaced about a year ago plus US Plastics ultra thin containers...$50
Z) BNIB Ecotech battery backup, never opened but has a date of 2015. I forgot all about it lol....$85 if when opened it holds a charge
About $3400 if parted out separately.

Fish- Dave/o2manyfish will have right of first refusal on fish. If he passes then,
A) Bellum male 3.5-4"....$200
B) Red Margin Fairy Wrasse M.....$60
C) Flame Hawk....$25
D) Red Firefish....$5
E) Springeri Damsel.....$5
Buy all 5 for $250

Indo Gold Torch - looks to be 7 heads, 3 definite heads and one head is splitting into 4. There could be more but not sure....$850
Dragon Soul Torch - looks like a second head might be forming...$275
Blue Torch some call it purple, some call it black....$175
Wall hammer has lost some color but when I got it the tentacles were burgundy and heads were a lavender with a soft green. That's what it looks like under Radions and my Orphek blue flashlight....$100
These were purchased from Ben/CaliKid
Australomussa I'm not sure exact origin but Indo Pacific. Very rare piece and hard to keep long term. I've had mine over 3 years.....$250 note: I will be very selective to who this goes to.
Sinularia....lg piece....$45

I need to get ready for rehearsal at church. I'll finish the list of corals (not a lot more) when I get home around 9 with prices, provide pics and I'll come up with a buy it all now price for the special buyer who might want everything


I would love the male Bellus. Own a female one. I also own a female Spotbreast and female Watanabei. I'm not sure if it is okay to have one male and three females.

I need Dave, The Fish Whisperer, to advise.

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Team RC
Hey all, I'm receiving lots of pms and I can't read them until I get back later. I'm sorry but priorities. I want to add that my preference will be to sell everything to one person. A long shot but a shot I'll take


Team RC
Here's the remaining coral list:
Rainbow Crush Chalice- grown out from a dime size frag. It doesn't have a lot of red and it's large. You'll need to take the structure it has grown on....$100
OME Chalice original piece from Tri. Is on a rock with green palys....$50
JF Dayglo Favia and a red and yellow favia DG has both pink and blue coloration. It's encrusted and grown on tank bottom. The red and yellow is same. I can pop off frag plugs...$35 and $25
lots of Tyree Orange Rainbows growing on the tank glass....$50
A rock with mind blowing palys and zoagirl palys .....$60
A rock with bbeb Zoas, green palys and paly grandis....$100
A small rock with bbeb, utter chaos and RPE.....$100
A small rock with three Rainbow Incinerator....$30
A beautiful polyp of a purple and gold blasto very Lakers....$75
Japanese Acan red and yellow under blue light.....$60
a red Acan that were originally black hole suns....$60
Green Acan....$20
forgot the name, bright orange and originally from CC....$80
A no name paly, beautiful golden with pink skirts growing on a piece of branch rock and there's some green palys on it too....$50

There is also an emerald Mithrax crab, a gold coral Banded shrimp, 2-3 cowries, some snails and hermit crabs that have been in the tank for a long time. Take all....$30


Team RC
You all see posted prices. If anyone is interested in everything pm me for price. If no interest in a day or so the parting out will begin and I’ll sort through the pms and texts


Team RC
Everything for sale

Pics are taken with iPhone with orange filter under Reefbrite only and then with t5/RB

Indo Gold


Dragon Soul



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Where are you located? I'm interested in a few things when you part out.

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Dang Rik.... :-( if you have any corals that aren't purchased I'll gladly rehome them for you so when you come back I'll give em back (hopefully sooner than later)