Exiting hobby, 3+in Female Clown, Hosts Xenia


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Hello everyone!

This is a hard one for me as this clown (percula I think) has been with me since day 1! She is now 8 years old, nearly 4inches, been paired with 2 other clowns, had babies at least once, and LOVES to host Xenia.

Looking for a loving new home. If you have a big clump of Xenia and would like a hosting established clown please reach out. Also am willing to include the current large chunk of Xenia she likes to host.

No charge, I am located in West LA, please text me at 602-361-9341!


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aww, what a sweet story. The part of about including her favorite xenia to host really got to me! If there aren't any takers, I can step up and take her. I might not have any xenia, but I do have magnifica anemones :)