Experience with DIY Two Part (BulkReefSupply)


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I need to get some new Ca/Alk/Mag Supplements and I am considering getting this package. Just wondering if anyone has used it and if the price is fair. I imagine this should last me a while with my smaller tanks.

The Total Two Part Package $59.99

This package contains all you need to get started making your own Two Part Solution . You get a full gallon pail of each material used in the two part , we also include jugs , dispensing pumps and a couple measuring cups.

● One Gallon (7 pounds) of High Purity Anhydrous Calcium Chloride

● One Gallon( 7 pounds) of High Purity Zero Ammonia Magnesium Chloride

● One Gallon (7 pounds) of High purity Soda ash (Sodium Carbonate)

● One Gallon (8 pounds) of High Purity Magnesium Sulfate

● Three One gallon Jugs

● Two one once dispensers for the Jugs and one cap

● Two 100ml measuring cups


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When I first started dosing two part, that is the kit i bought and it worked out just fine. I just ran out of the CA part, and ordered a 50 pound bag of dow flake and a 50 pound bag of mag flake which should last me a LONG time. You can get baking soda locally and bake it to make the soda ash part, and also you can find mag sulfate in the beauty section of walmart.