experience with livestock from marine depot?


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hi, i was thinking of ordering a couple fish from marine depot and was curious what people's experiences are. in particular, since it is a local company, how did shipping work for you? TIA


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I never order any livestock online before. I wouldn't recommend, unless you really have too.

I like to see and pick the livestocks I am paying. Online is a little cheaper, but shipping and deal with DOA...at the end I think it's the same.

Just my .02 cent.

Lou Cifer

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I've ordered livestock from marine depot, and everything was fine.
Remember that all of these fish are transported from all over the world, so what's a few more miles. :)


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i'm not really concerned about their quality. i'm actually more curious about how local individuals delt with shipping items from them, when i would basically be picking it up from the same place they drop it off


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I have used drsfosterandsmith.com (liveaquaria.com). The shipping was excellent and so sturdy that I still use the coolers today for transporting livestock. Everything was incredibly well packaged.

As far as the health of the specimens. Their corals always come in great shape and plenty big. Their fish are another story. I ordered three Anthia once, and two arrived dead, (almost).

So I just use them for corals now. ANd I use their "Diver's Den" area where everything is what you see is what you get. I get to pick the actual piece I want. It's a great way to buy. It costs a little more than a frag swap sure, but it's a bit cheaper than the LFS in my area and the size and quality of the corals can't be beat.

I'm sorry that doesn't answer your specific question regarding marinedepot's livestock.