Experience with Reeflo Blackfin or UNO series Pumps


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Anyone have any experiance with this series of pumps? From what i have read they seem to be better than the standard reeflo since they seem to use less power and run quiter but i just wanted to check if anyone had any experience with them. More info can be foundHERE

The one i am looking at the most is the Marlin but the Black Fin looks interesting too.


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I ran a Uno Tarpon for quite some time. It's large and by far the quietest pump I've ever had. In a silent room, you could only hear the slightest hum when your ear was within 3' of the unit. I had to typically touch it to confirm it was on. Due to the size of the fan, never more than a couple degrees warmer than the room.

Blackfin thread


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I want to know the same thing but want to know which ones quieter. From what I've been reading seems the blackfin is noisy compared other reeflo pumps. Have a dart now for closedloop. Looking for something for a basement pump, but most be somewhat quiet since bedroom is above sump room. Any thoughts?


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I just got my bf 2500 havent plumbed it yet. But from what i read they are very good units