explain a skimmer to me..


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i've been trying to work with my skimmer and im not sure if it's working right..

It seems to skim and then it doesnt... i have a 300 gallon that i FEED! and i would think a lot of goop would show up...

today, the sump was low on water, and it seemed the pump that supplied the skimmer was way slow... is this because of the low water pressure in the sump?

If i understand it correctly, a skimmer is basically a tube within a tube... water goes in, fast, from the top, and makes bubbles that are forced down the end of the tube where they float up to the top of the 2nd outer tube. They collect and make skimmate.. which you somehow remove..

i just never seem to get it to bubble.. ive taken the pump apart and it seems to run fine, but i would think it would push a LOT of water through... looks like about what would come out of a water hose...

so.... help?



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there needs to be some sort of way to inject air to make the bubbles..my pump has an air hose attached which injects air right into the pump.


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You are making sure your air tube is sitting outside of the water right? It should be that little tube that comes off one of the pumps or something like that, and its job is to push air into the skimmer.


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post a pic of it, you should have a hose that comes off the front of the pump, if it doesnt have a hose thats your prob, if it does make sure it not clogged up and above water