Explosion in asterina numbers while fallow


Is this just a coincidence, or what? Since I've gone fallow with my DT in an attempt to starve out the ich infestation I picked up, I've noticed that the asterina in my tank are reproducing like crazy. I have easily 5 times as many as I did just 3 weeks ago.

Do flame angels, clowns, damsels, or e-gobies eat asterinas, or something..? It's pretty crazy.

They don't bother anything in the tank, as far as I can see, but I definitely have at least two species in there now. I think one came in on a frag plug, because I had all one type before. Keeping an eye on them.

I can't do the harlequin thing because I have a red knobby star that I'd like to keep around. So far no harm, just a huge boom in population.

My tank is filling up with pineapple sponges, too. I guess I'm doing something right w.r.t. water quality.


FUP&A Member
I'll take a stab in the dark and guess that maybe the angel was picking on them? My tank is also fallow but I banished all my asterinas a while ago, just loads of pods in there right now.