Exposed Salt Mix

I have a 5 gallon bucket of Tropic Marin Pro that somehow got split on the bottom and now the whole damn bag is hard. Im not sure if the bag was slightly split on the bottom to let air in or if the air just came through the top (TM just uses a twist tie on there bags).

The salt is only a year old and I'm wondering if its safe to use. Im sure it will dissolve but would the air have contaminated beyond safe use. Those 5 gallon buckets of TM are pricey. Thank for the advise.


New member
The salt is a dessicant, so it just absorbs moisture from the air. As long as the salt hasn't been stored in an unsafe environment, it isn't going to have a chance to absorb anything to worry about.

That said, it isn't suitable for a reef tank as it is. A large portion of the calcium and magnesium are no longer going to be soluble. You can use it as is in a fish only tank, but it will need supplementing for a tank with corals.