F/S ASM G-2 Skimmer


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Yay..I just got my new smaller skimmer in! That is the reason I am selling the ASM..it was just too big for my sump on the 65...the way it is set up. So, I am soaking the ASM and getting it all cleaned up.$100. is a great deal for this skimmer.:cool:

I see the link above is'nt working..here is the pic and description..

Width: 6.5 inches
Height: 21.25 inches
Footprint: 10 inches X 11 inches
Included Pump: Sedra 3500
ASM Tank Rating: 200 gallons
Our Tank Rating: 110 gallons

This skimmer is similar to the Euro-Reef CS6-1.

Tiki G.

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Is the G2 still for sale? If jawaiianmon does not get it, I'll take it. I can paypal today. Let me know.

Thanks alot.