f/s cheap in tx. panhandle

steve bowman

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Hi all, We have to move soon, need to tear tank down, and I have no idea when I'll get it going again. I need to get rid of 160# of rock, some base and some figi, I have a dsb with lots of critters(worms, mini stars, baby clams, ect.), 3 cukes, 1 q. conch, oodles of snails, 1 bl. leg and 4 or 6 zebra hermits, 1 flame angle, 1yellow tang, 1 blue devil dam., 1 sargent major dam., 1 coral( pulsing xenia). We live in Perryton, Tx., it's about 3 1/2 hours from OKC. I ordered some stuff from Bill's reef and IPSF 4 weeks ago, my f@%$^*! landlord told us we have to move 2 weeks later. Tank has been up and going for a year now, no cyno, little bit of hair algae on some rocks, a couple rocks are loaded with feather dusters,fish have been in there 6 months and are healthy, nothing bothers the one coral. Make offer if interested, everything must go. PM me or ph, 806-648-1150. Thanks, Steve:(
I don't have pics or can't take them. Prices are ;1 buck a lb for the rock or 75 for all rock, xenia attached to a rock goes with rock, sand is free, queen conch 6" long and about 8"around is 5 bucks, 3 cukes 5 bucks, hermits free, snails( 1 turbo, strombus grazers, ceriths, nass. plus a few I don't know what they are) 50 cents apiece or 10 bucks for all ( 40?), the flame 2 " 10 bucks, yellow tang 3" 8 bucks, sargent major 5" free, blue devil free also
Hi all, Tank nor any equipment is for sale. In fact I really dread selling what I have listed above , but a fellers gotta do what a fellers gotta do. Thanks, Steve
Thanks Steve--I'll be leaving OKC Monday morning as early as possible and arriving in Perryton at approx. 9am-10am. I'll call you then.