F/S Phyto - Rotifer - baby brine setup


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Here is my home made setup that I was using for years to grow my own phyto, rotifers and baby brine for my sps and baby fish. Its pretty easy to do. Each was grown in its own 1 gallon glass jar. When it was ready, I would use 2/3 of it and then restart the process. I had it down to every other day for a jar of phyto.

It includes all the glass jars and manifolds for the bubbling. All you will need is a large air pump to drive all the bottles.

I will recommend replacing all the flexible and rigid air tubing which is pretty cheap ( I think).

I had the lights on a timer with my aqua controller and it ran perfectly for years.

I would grow brine every couple days and feed the rotifers to them and to the tank.

It is not in use now but heres a pic of what it looked like up and running.


Im asking only $50...its a fun project if you are doing it like I did or just a bottle. You will need to find a culture somewhere to start.