F/S Red Sea Reefer 250 Full Setup


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I have the following for sale:

Red Sea Reefer 250
Octo Varios 4 Controllable Return Pump
Nyos 120 Skimmer
Radeon XR-15 light
9W AquaMedic 9W Helix UV Sterilizer with Sicce Syncra 0.5 Water Pump
300 watt Heater with Finnex Temp Controller
Innovative Marine Hydrofill ATO System with Pump
10 gallon custom acrylic ATO reservoir that fits perfectly into the stand
BRS 5 Stage RODI with 55 Gallon Food Grade Drum and Pump capable of pumping the RODI from the basement up to my tank with hose.

Livestock is gone but I have 3 HUGE pieces of Tonga Shelf rock in the tank still and 50lbs of brand new Fiji Pink live sand. I was running FOWLR so I only have the 1 Radeon light, you'll want another if you are doing corals.

OVER $3000 invested, asking $1500 and I'll throw in some salt and refractometer too.
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