F/S: Red Sea Reefer 450 Full Setup


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Few months ago I went on vacation and had the foundation laid out for an awesome ZOA garden. Close to a 100 frags of unique varieties of zoas. When I got back I discovered my auto feeder had over fed and my nitrates were 80ppm+ I lost it all.

Since then I have just lost all the passion for this setup and basically it has become more of a chore than a hobby. I know the setup was meant for bigger things than I am currently motivated to do. So selling the setup.

Reefer 450 tank, stand, 3 Kessil A360WE, Kessil Spectral Controller, 2 MP40WQD, Simplicity Skimmer 320DC, BRS Dual Media Reactor, Eheim Auto Feeder, Deep Water Aquatics DC7 return, 175 pounds of live rock, 80 pounds live sand.

Livestock: Blonde Naso, Hippo Tang, Vlamingi Tang, Scoopas Tang, Pair of Clowns, Single black clown, bicolor blenny, Sailfin Tang, Sixline Wrasse, Cleaner Wrasse, Aiptasia eating filefish, 3 blue chromis, misc crabs and snails.

Not considering parting out any of the equipment at this time as everything is pretty essential. Would consider selling the livestock seperately if by chance someone purchased all the live rock. It would be a pain to catch anything with all the rock in there.

Will consider lowering price of the setup if I could keep 1 Kessil and 1 mp40. Without them will sell for 3k even.


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