F/S RO/DI filter with storage tanks


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I am trying to move the bigger things first. This one is not pretty by any means.

I have a 7/8 stage RO/DI unit by air water ice inc. I think it was called the great white model, but nit sure. It has 2 membranes that should still be fine, 150gpd (it was fast), 2 DI (I added an additional) 2 carbon and a particle filter. All filters need to be changed as I dont remember the age when shut down. It has 2 DI meters as I would swap them out to get the max. When first depleted I would put in the 2nd place and put a new one in the 1st place. It also has a very nice vacuum style auto shut off.

The tanks are both 40gallon clear. I kept them on a rack with the RO on the top shelf and underneath the other tank for mixing salt. The RO tank was sealed to prevent anything from falling in as we used it for drinking water (Emergency). It also has a fitting for R/O top off to the main tank if you were to use that. Once mixed I just hosed it into the tank sump and water change done in 5 minutes or less with no mess.

Now the fine print. I would recommend replacing the tank bulkheads as they are older. I also can not remember the exact hookup of the RO hoses but that should be easy to figure out. Most are still connected to one another.

$100 for everything as is and must take everything lol