F/S Sump, Pump and Skimmer

Steve Canyon

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Sump $75
Barracuda Pump $100
ASM G2(?) skimmer $200

I love this skimmer. I believe it does a better job than my G4XX with its 9000 and 15000 pumps!


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Steve Canyon

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36" long x 14" wide x 16" tall.
that makes it about 3-4cubic feet, about 25-30 gallon. typically one doesn't fill a sump though.

Steve Canyon

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If it is helpful, I can take a pic of the plate. Perhaps the serial # will tell you what you need to know regarding manufacture date.
I don't have any way to test the condition (pressure or flow output). I don't hear any unusual noises if that means anything. No bearing whine. No chatter or vibrations...