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2 400 watt M.H ballasts I believe they're hamiltons ( square black box)75.00 each
1 HOB overflow 35.00
3 10 gallon lights FREE
1 29 gallon light FREE ( unsure if it works)
Several RO sediment filters 10,20,25,50 micron 3.00 each
1 29 gallon tank 20.00
1 10 gallon iron stand 10.00


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How big it the HOB overflow? I'm looking for one for my 72 refug into the sump from my 180 display tank.



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I had it on my 65 FOWLR as far as GPH I don't know. It has a 1' pipe going out the bottom. I should also add it needs a new u tube or the original one fixed as its cracked not sure how it happened just sitting.