F/T or free....caulerpa algae LR and narcissus snails


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Breaking the cube down today and don't know what to do with this LR covered in Caulerpa, shown on top of the rorkwork in picture below. I used it in my sump for copods and filtration. It's only 2-3 lbs or so.

I have have a couple huge narcissus (zombie) snails that I chucked into the new nano but they are really too big for it.

Now that I think about it...I have a big turbo snail that's still in the cube and needs a new home too....he's the only one that's never flipped itself over all the time and needed help. Smart snail!

If someone wants them and can come by today in Clinton, they are yours. If you happen to have a small zoa frag you want to donate to the new nano that would be cool but no biggie if you don't.