Faded hawaiians


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I picked up a small frag of some hawaiian zoos 2 weeks ago and they were one of the last frags left from that shipment, so probably not the most vibrant to begin with. They were a bit stressed by the time I got them home and acclimated, and i noticed 1 very tiny polyp was already dark and closed up.. I have a column tank and set them near the middle, but my cleaner shrimp was throwing a fit about sharing that space and wouldn't leave the frag alone and actually knocked it off the rock over night :hmm5:

So they've been on the substrate since and being left alone. One polyp up and vanished over a night, I have NO idea who or what happened to that guy, but the rest open up nicely (minus the 1 mini polyp that I assume is a goner) but they're so pale to me. There is still speckling and the mouth is green, but what I can do to bring back the more vibrant coloring?

edit: sorry, i was browsing the ID thread and forgot where I was before I posted this! please delete as i've made one in the appropriate place! :headwallblue: Loooooong day