Fair retail at a Tucson LFS


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I have bought some of the following locally for fair prices. Not wanting to argue on someone else's thread, decided to post here. Please feel free to add your prices here:
lawnmower blenny $18.99
cleaner shrimp $16.99
ricordea mushrooms $35.00


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Totally fair! Very nice for the Cleaner shrimp. And that's a little more like the prices that I am used to seeing online for a LMB.


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I am amazed and inspired by the other thread. I will have frags of a ORA Blue Mille that I paid $40 for and kept in my tank for more then a week available for $60 a frag. I have been feeding it Rotifers and Phyto, so I know its frags are worth more then what you would pay at a local LFS.