Falco Hawk


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I'm just trying to find some more info on these guys. I did some research on my own but would like some first hand experience. How are they as far as eating goes? Are they hard to get to start eating? What do you feed them? Will they eat flake, frozen brine mysis? Any other fact one should know about them. Thanks for the help and any experience is greatly appreciated.


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I had a friend who had one and it ate everything he gave it mysis brine anything they are also really cool looking


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I have one, he didn't eat the pellet food I offered him but he loved brine shrimp, mysis and any frozen crustaceans I offer. They can get territorial so they should be the last fish added to your system, you want to feed them a balanced diet or they'll lose their coloration. My falco is easily my favorite fish, I like how he perches and begs for food, very fun and very smart. I added mine first and now whenever I add a fish, he spends two weeks spazzing out and swimming up and down the glass, very good idea to add them last, even if they can't hurt the other fish.