Falco Hawkfish


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I am currently in the process of setting a 25g, fish only system. The main fish I want to keep in it is the falco hawkfish which would leave me some room for one or two more fish, possibly. From what I've read, the only fishes small enough to fit in a 25g and be compatible with a hawkfish are the dottybacks and possibly some damsels. This was a generalization for all hawkfish, but I figured with one as small as a falco I might have more options. Either way, I'm a little puzzled because, even though hawkfish and dottybacks are allegedly compatible, what I've read on them suggests that, each should be the last added to a system. If anyone could give me any suggestions, it would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.


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The falco is a pretty well behaved hawkfish with a relatively small mouth as hawkfishes go. I would let the falco get established before adding the dottyback. Other than dottybacks, pretty much any typical small fish (other than some of the really small gobies) will compatible with the hawkfish. Firefish (not compatable with the dottyback's), clowns, watchman gobies (just not the really small ones), dwarf angels, etc.