Family emergency, might have to leave hobby.....again


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Seems like my luck in this hobby is just not there. Just set up a tank in sept and when its finally settling in I'm might have to leave the country for fathers surgery and don't know when I'll be back.

Seeing if there is any interest in equipment with so many people leaving the hobby.

120g oceanic tech tank w/ stand and sump and ehiem pump $800
giessman 2 X 250 and 2 X 54w T5 fixture $500
asm g3 skimmer w/ gate valve $200
reefkeeper lite level 3 $225
80lbs of premium live rock
and some great sps colonies and frags (will post pics)
geo ca reactor w/ reef fanatic solenoid and 10lb tank 450
250w dual pfo ballast w/ individual switches, spider reflectors and 3mos xm bulbs 250
tunze osmolator 100

A lot more stuff to go through.
I probably don't leave till after mid december so I have a bit of time to unload this stuff.


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had a question on the tank

tank has 3 side starfire glass
stand has doors on three sides for easy access
there is a lot of true union plumbing and will split tank/stand/sump for 700


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here is the pic of tank when I first got it, still haven't found a chance to download the pics from my camera.

Tank is a 120g oceanic tech. there are two holes only. Its a solid tank. there are a ton of pics online about it, but I'll try to take more.

Live rock would probably be $3lb unless you take the whole load then I can work out a deal.

Patience on the sps pics please. Trying to communicate with everyone back home, at school and this