Fancy cuisine for fish?

Fish Ed

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I have a side passion for cooking and want my clownies to enjoy some unique food once in a while rather than eating a staple of granules mixed with crushed algae tablets in saltwater-stew and occasionally frozen food cycle for the rest of their lives.

Anyone would like to share their recipes for their fishes, it doesn't have to be clownfish.


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Here is the recipe that I will be using when I finally commit to doing it, also Rea17 just went thru the same thing you are talking about. Maybe she will give you some in site on what to do or not to do.... I know she was making her food and it took like 11 hrs to complete!


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PM Chefzilla - He is a Socal Reefer and a Chef. He has started making a custom blend of fish food and coral food. I have been using it for the past several months and the fish and coral response to his food is fantastic.

He has a whole list of things that he gets at the asian market.

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