Favia Brain coral tips


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Howdy LPS experts, I just picked up 2 Favia brain frags, any advice or tips, I plan on putting the frag directly on my substrate (oolitic aragonite). Doing research it looks like that was generally the best place for this type of coral, do you guys agree or should it be placed on a piece of live rock on the bottom section? I have read different opinions on light as well. Some say shaded area of tank and others say they like a lot of light?

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In my experience, favia generally prefer lower light, around 100. They can be acclimated higher slowly. I have both glued their plugs to rock and left them on racks. Look out for long sweepers at night when they get settled in.


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As long as the sand doesn’t get stirred up on the flesh it should be fine.


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Ive had the Favia for about a month, I have it towards the bottom of the tank and it seems to be slightly pale compared to when I first got it? I am running an AI hydra 32 at about 13 inches above water line and a tank depth of 18 inches. I have Acons growing very well at the same levels as the Favia but it doesnt look like its even "puffing up" any off the frag plug. Just kind of looks like coralline algae with green dots if that makes sense. Ill give it more time.